Sunday, March 12, 2006

In The News: Chris Peterson

Here's another recent story about Chris Peterson from The Eagle.

"Peterson says multiple roles do not lead to conflict"

By HOLLY HUFFMAN, Eagle Staff Writer

When Paul Marvin Jr. decided to run for a seat on the College Station City Council, he hired Chris Peterson to serve as his political consultant. The selection of Peterson, Marvin said, would free him to meet with voters and discuss issues while Peterson handled the myriad details that accompany campaigns: crafting letters to voters, designing signs and sending press releases to the media. "He's there to guide and advise," Marvin said of Peterson. "The benefit is that he's seen many of these campaigns."

Bryan school board president and business council member Chris Peterson has helped guide at least nine candidates seeking municipal or county elective office this year. Marvin is one of many political hopefuls who have turned to Peterson for guidance on how to put together a campaign. Last year, Peterson was instrumental in the bitterly contested - and successful - campaigns of Ron Gay and Chris Scotti for seats on the College Station City Council.

Peterson, 34, also was the consultant for Jason Bienski's successful Bryan City Council campaign last year. That relationship came under some criticism after the councilman voted last fall to support a project that Peterson touted before the City Council. The city has been asked to invest future tax revenue in the project. Both Peterson and Bienski maintain there was no conflict of interest. Peterson, who said he intentionally keeps a low profile in the campaigns he guides, has been involved in the political organizations of at least nine candidates seeking municipal or county elective office so far this year. He wields significant influence as president of the Bryan school board and as a member of the Bryan Business Council, a panel appointed by the Bryan City Council.

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