Sunday, October 29, 2006

What should I do if some steals my identity?

Here are some practical steps for you to take if you become a victim of identity theft:

•Contact all creditors, by phone and in writing, to inform them of the problem

•Call your nearest Postal Inspection Service office and your local police

•Contact the
Federal Trade Commission to report the problem

•Call each of the three credit bureau’s fraud units to report identity theft
–Ask to have a “Fraud Alert/Victim Impact” statement placed in your credit file asking that creditors call you before opening any new accounts

•Alert your bank to flag your accounts and to contact you to confirm unusual activity

•Request a change of PIN and new password

•Keep a log of all contacts and make copies of all documents

•You may also wish to contact a privacy or consumer advocacy group regarding illegal activity

•Contact the Social Security Administration’s Fraud Hotline

•Contact the state office of the Department of Motor Vehicles to see if another license was issued in your name
–If so, request a new license number and fill out the DMV’s complaint form to begin the fraud investigation process

Don't forget to report the situation to:

• Your local police department

Equifax Credit Bureau, Fraud

Experian Information Solutions

TransUnion Credit Bureau, Fraud

Federal Trade Commission
–1-877-IDTHEFT (438-4338)

Social Security Administration, Fraud Hotline

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