Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Texas Vehicle Exemption for Personal Vehicle Used in Business

The following reminder comes from the Texas Association of Realtors:

"Don't ignore April 1 deadline for exempting your vehicle from taxationYou already know you aren't required to pay property tax on your personally owned vehicle that you also use for business purposes. But do you know how your local appraisal district is handling this exemption?
"Each of the 253 appraisal districts in Texas is handling the exemption of these so-called mixed-use vehicles from taxation differently. Some districts don't require an exemption form for such a vehicle if the owner was not charged property tax on that vehicle in 2007. If you haven't previously had to pay property tax on your personally owned vehicle that you use for business, check with your local appraisal district before you make the decision to not file an exemption form. Without filing an exemption form, there is no guarantee that the appraisal district won't tax you. A list of county appraisal districts with each district's contact information is available online. Those districts that require an exemption to be filed must receive your 2007 exemption by April 1; your 2008 exemption is due April 30."

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