Monday, January 18, 2010

What is a specal needs trust in a will?

A third party special needs trust ("SNT"), generally included in a person's will, is a supplemental needs trust established by a person for the benefit of someone who is disabled. In a will, property that would otherwise have been distributed to the disabled beneficiary outright will instead be held in a SNT for his or her benefit. The SNT is designed so that the trust property will not be counted as an available resource when determining whether the disabled beneficiary is eligible for public benefits. As long they do not have the legal ability to revoke the trust or direct that the trust assets be distributed for their benefit, the assets in the SNT will not be counted as the disabled beneficiary's assets when determining his or her eligibility for Medicaid. A third party SNT has no payback provision to the State of Texas. Also, the trust can be written so that the property of the trust which remains upon the disabled beneficiary's death can be distributed to other family members or beneficiaries of your choosing. These are the major benefits of a third party SNT.

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